Paper Shredding and Document Destruction Service

Introducing Marrens' premier Paper Shredding and Document Destruction Service, the ultimate solution for protecting your sensitive information and ensuring your confidential documents are securely disposed of.

Our state-of-the-art shredding technology guarantees that your confidential documents are completely destroyed beyond recognition, providing you with peace of mind that your sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands. Our team of highly trained professionals takes every precaution to ensure your documents are handled with the utmost care, from pickup to destruction.

At Marrens, we understand that protecting your sensitive information is crucial, which is why we offer flexible and convenient shredding solutions to suit your business needs. Whether you require on-site shredding or off-site shredding, we have you covered. We also offer recurring shredding services to ensure your documents are consistently and securely disposed of, so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Document Pickup Service
Micro Cut Size Shredding
Receipt of Destruction via Email upon Completion
Locked Document Storage until Destruction

Choose Marrens for your Paper Shredding and Document Destruction needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive information is in the best hands. Contact us today to schedule a shredding service and take the first step in protecting your confidential information.

At Marrens, we are proud to serve the thriving business community of Rexburg, Idaho, and its surrounding areas. Our comprehensive range of services is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of local businesses, no matter their size or industry.

Our Paper Shredding and Document Destruction Service is a popular choice among businesses in Rexburg who are looking for a secure and reliable way to dispose of their confidential information. Our team can provide both on-site and off-site shredding options, depending on your preferences and requirements. We offer flexible scheduling options, so you can choose the best time for us to pick up your documents, and our secure destruction process guarantees that your sensitive information is completely destroyed beyond recognition.
Marrens - Business Services - Paper Shredding and Document Destruction
Micro cut is a type of paper shredding that uses advanced technology to produce extremely small and fine particles from shredded documents. Micro-cut shredders are capable of shredding paper into small, confetti-like particles that are typically less than 5 millimeters in width and length.

The benefit of micro-cut shredding is that it provides a much higher level of security compared to other types of shredding. Since the shredded particles are so small, it is nearly impossible for anyone to reassemble the original document, making it an ideal solution for businesses or individuals with highly sensitive or confidential information.

Micro-cut shredders are often used by government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other businesses that deal with confidential information on a regular basis.

Documents are stored locked overnight until shredding is complete.

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Pricing starts at just $0.50 per pound. Inquire below to give us an idea of the type and quantity you need disposed of.
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